MAGA Ideology, White Children and the “Content of Their Character”

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King belted these words from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28th, 1963. In the midst of the civil rights era, Dr. King was envisioning the future of a nation in which his children would be viewed with such reverence and innocence as white children receive. He knew that this concept was such a lofty goal, that it was only in the realm of his “dream”,that such an equalizing of humanity would happen for black children. Nevertheless, he still said it, hoping that white people would one day somehow put aside racism and white supremacy, and embrace humanity, and see black children. Void of color blindness, actually see them, and when they saw them they would not devalue them or criminalize them by their blackness, yet they would see their humanity and ultimately level them with their own white children. The hope that his children that grew into adults would live in a nation of justice and equality, a nation that would live up to its creed of “We the People”, wherein people meant all people, not just white people. It was truly a post-colonial vision of whiteness, in which white people could actually navigate their worlds devoid of white supremacy.

The onus of Dr. King’s vision was never on black people, the charge was to white people. It was their responsibility to create this dream, by deconstructing every shadow of white supremacy, thereby clearing the way for a nation that values Black Lives.

On January 19th, 2019, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 55 years removed from Dr. King’s “Dream Speech”, we found that white people, white teens in this scenario, have not advanced Dr. King’s vision. White people have failed.

The event, on January 19th, was a show of white teen dominance to a Native American elder Nathan Phillips. It was a micro view of MAGA ideology.

In the aftermath of this event, there has been a debate about who was at fault, specifically from white Americans. The general consensus from white America is that the young man that stood in the way of Nathan Phillips, was a mere child, at fault of nothing, and actually a victim of character assassination in their eyes. Even the White House weighed in on the issue, calling for the innocence of the teenager, and the condemnation of all others, and a possible invitation to the White House. 55 years later as the words of King still echo the corner of the United States of America, we find a nation that not only judges an individual by the color of their skin but at the present moment we have a nation that is open to and awards/elects white supremacy.

Since whiteness seems to be entrenched in the current battle of losing power, whiteness has reared its ugly head to defend whiteness at any cost. Instead of adults condemning their children’s behavior, we have white adults defending the racist behavior of these white teens.

This is where we meet whiteness claiming that this unfair judgment of these innocent white teens is racism in reverse. Their idea is that “liberals” are judging their innocent children by their red “MAGA” hats and not by the content of their character. It seems as if they would gladly stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 2019, and declare that they wish “the liberal media” would see their children as children, not as racist. White people currently live in a delusional “dream” that they are being oppressed, and pushed out, and marginalized.

What is paradoxical about their belief, is that their children, wearing red “MAGA” gear that they themselves bought for their children, are automatically put into a belief system the moment they wear their “MAGA” gear and show up in mass groups of white people. If you support a belief system you, promote it, you are proud of it.

White “MAGA” supporters are proud of their red hats and what it stands for, which overtly means Make America White Again.

So when their children show up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and mock and laugh at a Native American elder, refusing to move out of its way, the nation has every right to judge these children, solely on the content of their character. A white teen with parents that have supported the xenophobic and racist ideologies of “MAGA”, will follow in their parents fear, and do as their parents do. So thus we saw white teens with no character and a lot of rage.

A white teen with character would have gladly stood down to Mr. Phillips, sat on the ground to listen to his song, and invited all of his classmates to do the same.

A white teen with character would have not only listened to the song of Mr. Phillips but after his song was over he would have thanked him for the song and introduced himself to his elder.

A white teen with character would have not gladly stood by watching (laughing, tom hawk chopping, chanting) one of their peers block the path of a Native American Elder.

So we must ask white MAGA supporting parents from Covington High School, that are outraged as to why their children would be judged by their red MAGA hats, how do you defend the character of your children? Do you think your child acted in a respectful manner? If you are a follower of Jesus, whether Catholic or Christian, does your faith teach your child to mock others in pride or stand down in humility, counting others more important than yourself?

If these questions cannot be answered with honesty and integrity, then we as a nation must take it on ourselves to critically assess anyone that wears a MAGA hat. 63,000,000 people voted for MAGA and what it represents. So, it’s not a stereotype, it’s an ideology.

The MAGA ideology has a platform, and its core tenants are ever expanding by its leader tweet by tweet. We don’t have to wonder what MAGA supporters believe, we just look to the volumes and volumes of digital commandments delivered by its creator.

MAGA will soon end up on the Southern Poverty Laws hate map. Its inspiration from a dominant group of people, with clear ideologies of xenophobia, racism, homophobia, patriarchy, sexism, etc etc.

MAGA is a dangerous ideology, that has elevated and branded white supremacy,  which has always been the dominant system of this country. Racism has never been eradicated, only pacified, until leaders arise to make it normal again.

At the current moment, white supremacy, nationalism, and western culture is the new look for white people with(and without) MAGA hats.

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