This list is not comprehensive or concrete, it’s evolving as we continue to organize for unity and purpose!

In alphabetic order, these are the initial organizations expressing interest* or have attended meetings..  We need more….will you join us?

Advent Urban Youth Development

– Albert/Lisa Contreras- Community liaisons

– Aren Haggard – Minister and Community Liaison

Bethesda Cares – Mike Eason

City of Haltom City Parks and Recreation, Police, & Library

– Christian Center of Fort Worth

Community Enrichment Center

Cornerstone Assistance Network

– Fathers Heart, Don Cooper

– Haltom City Housing Authority

Haltom City Moose Lodge

Haltom City Girls Softball

– Haltom City Senior Center

– Haltom Outlaws Baseball 

– Haltom Senior Center Ministry- Northwood Church

– Joey Turner- Co Owner of Brewed and  Pastor of The Field Church

– Layla Caraway; Active Haltom City Resident

North Tarrant Democrats

Project 938

– Purple Hearts

– South Haltom Church; Pastor Ryan Northcutt

– Tarrant Area Food Bank

– The Hills Church of Christ

-United Way of Tarrant County

– World Changers

-….we  need you!

*(this list is not an endorsement for the following organizations, nor are these organizations or individuals necessarily endorsing all Unite South Haltom initiatives, it is merely a list of those expressing interest, attending meeting, and/or doing work in South Haltom.) 

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