Anti-Racism Network of North Texas (ANNT) is dedicated to walking alongside individuals and communities that are marginalized by dominant society as well as those individuals that are seeking to deconstruct from white supremacy.

We are interested in any and all collaboration efforts to end white supremacy.

We take this call of deconstruction from people of color alone, which have historically and repeatedly asked white people to organize themselves, to rein each other in, with the intention of ending violence and oppression against people of color and marginalized groups.

We are particularly interested in getting white individuals interested  in deconstructing from white supremacy. We realize there are already many white individuals (those in which have learned from, listened to, and are accountable to people of color)  and groups that are organizing, and those are the groups we want to learn from, as well as help educate where needed. We are committed to never taking voice or attention from people of color,  nor speak for people of color. Our commitment is to push white people to take responsibility for our violent and brutal past of marginalizing people of color, and begin to take ownership of the things we have the ability to begin to tear apart.

Communicate with us……murphy@anntx.org